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When the Government went paperless we were the first to go with them in 1997!



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1. Any Federal expenditure from $3,000 to $100,000 needs a minimum of only 3 quotes.
2. Contracts  can be paid for with G.C.P.C (Government Commercial Purchase Card). 
3. Expenditures under $3,000 no longer require bids or quotes. Free Choice Spending!


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Do you sell products and services to the US Government?
If your business offers products and/or services to the US Government, then you can benefit from our program. If not, you should consider selling your products and/or services to the


The G.C.P.C


The Government Commercial Purchasing Card


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Number is 065865211



A simple program designed exclusively for small businesses to sell their products and services to our federal government and Their prime contractors. We've been working in conjunction with Federal buyers, purchasing agents, government credit card holders and end users for many years to provide them with qualified small businesses to work with on a local basis.


Federal expenditures from $3,000 to $100,000 need only 3 quotes and expenditures under $3,000 can be paid for by Government Credit Card or electronic funds transfer with no bidding required and often same day pay.

The federal government uses our on-line directory to locate and do business with our vendors because the above mentioned expenditures are considered small purchases and they would prefer to spend this money locally to help stimulate the local economy as often as possible.

The buyers are actually given incentives to buy locally and there fore they request access to our database of pre-qualified vendors for their day to day purchasing needs. Due to the layout of our on-line directories they have been and still are being utilized as a training tool for new buyers coming into the system.


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To see if your company qualifies call:

Phone: (407) 677-0423

Fax (407) 677-0424

Email: incheckgov@gmail.com



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